I decided to try a shop for a change of pace.  I wanted something very girly-girl since I seem to fit into that category quite nicely.  I was also looking for something that had a "French" feel to it, and somehow ended up going in a Victorian direction.  The result was "Katoinette Boutique", a women's shop that specializes in perfumes, bath products and jewelry with a little lingerie thrown in for good measure.  I loved making the perfume bottles, bubble bath and jewelry!  And once again, my husband Vince made the roombox and did my wiring for me.

Katoinette Boutique received a 1st Place ribbon
in the Business/Shop category at The Museum of Miniatures Show
in Indianapolis, Indiana in September 2008

Katoinette Boutique was featured in the
September 2008 issue of American Miniaturist




The front counter is the largest portion of the store.

The top of the counter has a light, cash register, telephone, and a Katoinette shopping bag.

Inset: The "Katoinette" receipts in the corner of the case.


The first counter on the left has several corsets for sale.  There are also garters in the case which were hard to photograph from this angle, so you'll have to trust me on this one!

The top counter on the corner case has candles, flowers and a bottle of perfume.


The main case has jewelry!  I made two of the necklaces and matching bracelets, as well as all of the earrings.  My friends Toni and Bridget gave me jewelry to display as well.

The top counter of the largest case has earrings that were made for me by my friend Toni (the sign reads "Boucles d'oreilles par Antoinette", which is French for "Earrings by Toni"!). The hat and hat box were given to me by my friend Bridget, and they came all the way from the U.K.


...and speaking of Bridget, here we have "Bridgette's Knickers".  Okay, maybe it's not as funny to you as it is to us. We think a lot of things are funny that aren't. :)


The back counter has fresh pink roses, a porcelain basket and more perfume.


The lower back counter contains several pairs of shoes purses and a few more bottles of perfume.

Behind the main counter are shopping bags and boxes, all the with the Katoinette "K" logo on them.


The left back of the store has two negligees and parasols, and a cabinet stocked with gift sets containing bath and beauty products.  There's also lots of bubble bath beads and perfumes in this case.  Atop of it are vases, and if you look closely at the bottom of the case, you'll see my "usual" furry visitor has once again made an appearance. 

Below is a close up for the top of the cabinet, and more shopping bags.  Katoinette must be expecting lots of customers!



The beautiful mask you see was made for especially for this project by the talented Diane Paone.


Katoinette exclusively carries 'Tis Herself by Latchford & Hennelly, a perfume imported from Ireland.  Legend has it that those ladies were as Irish as Irish can be, and they've passed the trait down to their granddaughter who now owns the business...


The right of the store has another cabinet, this one filled with stockings, garters and more perfume!  There's also some Victorian art on the wall -- as there is in most of the store!


When walking into the store, the first case you see is one containing perfumes from just about everywhere in the world!  Atop the case is a book of Paris with several snap shots of the city.

The right side of the room has several Victorian-themed decorations.

Look up!  The ceiling has a hand-painted medallion.



I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Katoinette boutique.
Come back soon!


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